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We enhance your growing procedures and facility to improve production and quality of product with our proven strategies that will increase your cultivation output. Lower your costs, create efficiency within the staff, and utilize the latest state-of-the-art equipment.

Branding, Marketing, & Awareness

We help introduce your company into new markets by building stable relationships with the partnerships that we have already established. We create the hype around  your company and emphasize the branding to align your brand vision with your target market.

Funding, Licensing, & Compliance

We are able to provide a complete operational plan from planting your seeds to generating revenue. Facilitating your success from initial concepts to increasing your overall business cashflow.

What some of our delighted clients have said

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Todd Rullman NomadiCam

“ASK Consulting was pivotal when launching our cannabis video, photography, & drone company. We had experience in the photography/video field and needed guidance navigating the cannabis industry. ASK Consulting helped us design a business plan and marketing strategy needed for this new industry. They also connected us with partners directly and through their successful events that helped us grow our business. We recommend ASK Consulting to anyone needing a head start in cannabis. Looking forward to working with you ASK Consulting, again!”

Todd Rullman


“Success in the production, processing, and retail cannabis sectors is about smart strategy, in-depth knowledge, and relationships. ASK Consulting has all of this expertise and more. I cannot recommend them enough to any entity looking for an entry in these markets or expansion in these markets.”

Susan K. Eggum

Eggum LLC

Jerell Hicks Lucky Shears Trim Company

“When it comes to A.S.K… Honestly, I wouldn’t even know where I would be right now without A.S.K Consulting, looking back…its a path they laid out for me, showing how influential my company will be. A.S.K is a brand establishing, outside the box, trusted company guaranteed to get the job done. When I say trusted, I mean that the company has your back every step of the way. From visisonay, to connectivity, to expansion… A.S.K redefines what it means to take it to the next level, turn deep within oneself and A.S.K… what are my limits.

Jerell Hicks

Lucky Shears Trim Company

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